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IT reviewers and publishers are encouraged to use the following press kits and any other related materials. We will be pleased to grant you a free registration key. If you do not consider electronically distributed software, please e-mail us with the details of your postal address and we will send you a jewel case. CD editors are authorized to include the 30-day trial version of our software in their CD-ROMs.

SoftLogica press releases:
08.01.2007 Handy Recovery 4.0: Preview the Content of Deleted Files
03.07.2007 SpamAid 4.0: Less time checking for false positives
30.11.2006 Backup Platinum 3.0 - Christmas should be crowded and sociable but backups small and secure
03.01.2006 Handy Recovery 3.0: In-depth Disk Analysis to Undelete Files and Recover Partitions
01.05.2006 WAPT 4.0: Web Site Load, Stress and Performance Testing
09.15.2005 WSOP 2.0 - Optimize your Website Loading Times
09.15.2005 WSOP 2.0 - Optimieren Sie die Ladezeiten Ihrer Webseite
09.15.2005 WSOP 2.0 - Optimisez le temps de chargement de votre site web
04.12.2005 Outlook Spam Filter 3.0: Have you ever thought that your e-mails are subjects for spam check?
10.24.2004 Backup Platinum 2.0 - Backup to CD-RW, DVD, USB, FTP or LAN

Artwork downloads:

All artwork kits include software Screenshot,
Jewel Case, and Software Box in printable quality (300 dpi, TIFF).

SpamAid Artwork Zip File Size: 1.64mb
Backup Platinum Artwork Zip File Size: 6.06mb
Handy Recovery Artwork Zip File Size: 2.13mb
WAPT Artwork Zip File Size: 1.53mb
Outlook Spam Filter Artwork Zip File Size: 1.58mb
WSOP Artwork Zip File Size: 1.02mb
WinReminder Artwork Zip File Size: 0.75mb
LoadScout Artwork Zip File Size: 1.02mb
SoftLogica logotype Zip File Size: 52kb

Request further information: sergey.petrov@softlogica.com

Backup Platinum
Backup to CD-RW, DVD, FTP or LAN
Download Backup Platinum
Handy Recovery
Handy Recovery
Download Backup Platinum

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