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Server Under LoadSoftLogica Inc. provides load testing tools and services for companies that develop or utilize server components designed for simultaneous access by multiple users. Such systems range from corporate web sites, mobile applications and web services to complex e-commerce, CRM and ERP solutions.
We have a professional team with over 10 years of experience in the load and performance testing area. In all our projects we apply proprietary load testing tools and optionally license them to our customers for future use. The tests can be performed inside the customer local environment, or from our cloud facility capable of generating up to 1 million simultaneous user connections to the target application. Over 3000 customers worldwide use our products and services.
We are quite flexible in project scope. It ranges from one time expert consulting on a particular test design to the complete outsourcing of customer QA on the regular basis. Our main advantage is a fast delivery of test results combined with the high quality and reliability.