Verify the performance
of your web solution
We devise comprehensive load tests for websites, mobile applications, web APIs, deployed ERP
systems and cloud web solutions. Hire us to proactively mitigate risks arising from scalability issues,
slowdowns and performance glitches in business critical processes.
What we offer?
We help businesses mitigate the risks of unexpected performance issues in their web solutions. Our services are targeted at load testing of all types of websites from online stores and mobile applications to corporate ERP and CRM systems.
A typical project includes the following activities:
  • Determination of the test goals and performance criteria with the client
  • Analysis of the application business logic and expected user behavior
  • Creation of the test plan with the full load specification
  • Test implementation for the realistic emulation of each user session
  • Test execution with help of our WAPT Pro load testing solution
  • Analysis of the performance statistic data obtained in the test
  • Preparation of the test report with suggestions for performance improvements
We can provide a more specific service upon request. For example, to employ the client’s QA team for the test run, we can prepare test source files and license the required WAPT Pro components. We can also assist with the analysis of the results after the test is completed.

On average, one-time testing projects are completed in a week while recurring arrangements are also available. Additionally, we can help establish a client testing environment for regression testing.
Why use a service model
Test development may be a complex task, because each emulated session must be unique and consistent. Unless the website consists of exclusively static pages, there is no testing tool that can fully automate the test design process. In many cases the implementation may require considerable research of the client-server communication scheme.
Experienced QA professionals with specific knowledge in the load testing area may complete this task several times faster than a person with basic programming skills.
While a good testing tool may create a detailed report with data and charts showing different performance parameters, it will not automatically find a bottleneck and is unlikely to offer a workable solution. In such cases, only experienced professionals can interpret test results correctly and make reliable conclusions.
If you have a team responsible for the development of a web application, it is preferable to assign the final load testing task to an external QA team.
The results of such testing will be much more reliable because of a fresh and independent view that team can introduce. Since load testing is a very specialized activity, outsourcing the task to trained professionals makes sense.
Finally, you can use the load testing service as an opportunity to train your own QA team.
Our prices and terms of service
Project quotes are provided in advance and billing only takes place once approved. Our prices are quite affordable. In most cases you will save in comparison with the in-house testing. The total cost mainly depends on the complexity of the client-server communication used in your web application.
In most cases the price for preparing a test with a single type of user sessions is in the range of $1,000 – $2,000 USD.
The price of running a test for up to 3000 concurrent users and preparing a test report is $2,000 USD.
We can create a much greater load (up to 1M users). The price estimation will depend on test options in such cases.
The total price for the full load testing service starts at $3,000 USD.
Additional charges may apply in the following cases:
Additional conditions
Your web site uses a complex client-server communication protocol and requires extra effort to parameterize user sessions.
Additional work
You would like to add different types of virtual users to the test requiring additional work on the emulation of several different user sessions.
High volume
You need a high volume test with over 3000 concurrent users.
You would like to perform additional tests to check specific performance features or re-test after fixing the discovered problems.
Why choose SoftLogica
We work on projects requiring deep and complex research for the emulation of the rich client applications. Our professional team can do this fast and ensure correct and accurate implementation.
We provide affordable prices and flexible conditions.
any time
We can run tests at any time, including off hours and weekends.
We are ready to work on small tasks and offer rapid turnaround.
We can use any restricted environments provided by the customers.
own testing tools
We develop and use our own testing tools, which gives us flexibility to support complex test scenarios.
Along with the test report we deliver the source files required to re-run the test. We can also provide full step by step description of the test implementation. This lets your QA team build a similar test from scratch, should you decide to continue testing in-house.